frequently asked questions
What is this?
JCmd is a Pure Java shell. This shell is similar in design to the command prompt on the Windows platform.

Why did you create it?
I was creating a program that required 5 different command prompts to show the different interactions between programs. I decided that it would be easier if I had a single command prompt with multiple tabs. The project took off from there with things I wanted to add to a full-featured shell.

Why another Java shell?
You may see a few other Java shells around especially on SourceForge. I did not find that any of them went to the lengths I have gone to make their shell completely configurable. In addition, none that I have seen use a tabbed pane to present multiple instances.

Do you need help with creating this?
I am hoping to do all the major development of the framework up until version 1.0 of JCmd. I would like people who are interested, to think about and create commands to add to the shell to make it more useful.
How do I use unix type commands?
JCmd is very configurable. My hope is to create a sample property file for the unix command equivalents. For example using LS instead of DIR. I was also planning to load a different property file based on the detected OS.

I try to run an application but JCmd doesn't find it.
JCmd uses by default the java.library.path system property to find files to run. This is configurable and can be changed to java.class.path if you like. You can change these system properties from within JCmd using the SET command. Changing these values within JCmd do not propogate outside the application. Note also that you will need to specify the whole path of the external command to run. For instance to run JAVA you will need to type JAVA.EXE on Windows.